Why Quality Discount Furniture - Cheap Beds, Cheap Headboards, Cheap Mattresses

Cheap Beds

Quality Discount Furniture: because cheap furniture doesn't have to be inferior furniture

Our name says it all, and the emphasis is on one word - quality. At Quality Discount Furniture we have an ethos of supplying the best quality furniture at a discount price. Cheap beds don't have to mean an uncomfortable night's sleep. With us the price is not a reflection on the quality. We specialise in offering top quality furniture, cutting edge design and the best manufacturing and production standards to offer our customers première class products at substantially reduced prices. Living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen - our full range of products is comprehensive and innovative, adding a touch of glamour and style to any interior.

Our range of cheap beds start from children's beds, divans right through to sofa beds and all sorts of different styles of beds; leather beds, wooden beds, faux leather beds, metal beds and many more. We are amending our range all the time to ensure we have the best selection and best quality of cheap beds available to you. We specialise in beds although we have a range of other furniture products for your home as this is where our expertise lies.

Cheap Headboards

From headboards to cheap mattresses, armchairs, wardrobes or cheap beds, we have the best selection at the best prices. All of our furniture prices are backed by our Price Promise - if you can find the exact same item cheaper, we'll beat that price. Cheap Mattresses and Cheap Beds.

We stock some of the cheapest and most popular headboards on the web, we have a wide selection of different styles and colours to match many different styles of bedroom décor including some very popular 'Cobalt' headboards in the style of Art Deco and some colourful headboards such as the half moon belour headboard!

We recognise that everyone is searching for their own, unique signature look in their home, and we stock all designs from the classical to the ultra-modern. Whether your home is a traditional country cottage or a chic urban apartment, Quality Discount Furniture has a range to suit you. Cheap mattresses that don't compromise on comfort, discount dining tables that will give you the perfect ambience for any dinner party or a comfy sofa to sink into at the end of a hard day - our huge range of stock guarantees that you'll find what you want here.

Cheap Mattresses

A good mattress can make the world of difference to the way anyone, and everyone, sleeps. It's one of several items which aren't very glamorous to buy, and no-one gets excited by the thought of going out to purchase one. The difference between an old mattress which sags in the middle and a new mattress can't be underestimated. Our cheap mattresses won't compromise on quality.

Quality Discount Furniture has an enormous variety of different mattresses. It may be questioned as to whether a mattress can be bought online - of course it can. By the time we reach our thirties, and sometimes even earlier, we are all aware of the type of mattress we like to sleep on. Gone are the days of needing to wander round stores feeling self-conscious as we sit on the edge of a bed while a sales assistant hovers nearby hoping for a sale.

As we become older we know whether we prefer a soft, firm, orthopaedic or memory foam mattress. We don't need to sit on it to know whether it will be comfortable. A quick look at the existing mattress will identify the type. More often than not, we choose to purchase the same again, unless there is a specific reason to change. A mattress needs replacing regularly - not once every twenty five years as approximately one third of our lives are spent in bed.

Children do the most damage to mattresses by bouncing up and down on them and trying to turn them into mini trampolines. Even worse, they spill drinks on them and then the mattress needs to be dried, and of course, even earlier than that there was the difficult stage between nappies and dry nights! Often our customers are just looking for a quick replacement cheap single mattress as the current ones is damaged.

We have some of the cheapest single mattresses on the web!

At Quality Discount Furniture we are able to supply the widest choice of mattress and when this is combined with the lowest possible prices it becomes easier to understand the reasoning for buying a new mattress. Our mattresses are available from 2 ft 6 inch wide to 6 ft wide with all the usual sizes inbetween - together with the 4 ft size which is incredibly useful as a small double, for when visitors descend.

We sell many famous brands of mattresses including Silentnight, which are the UK largest bed manufacturer and well known for their excellent quality. Memory Foam mattresses, have over the past few years become ever more popular as they are known for distributing the weight of the user to alleviate pressure points. Created by Nasa, for use in the space programme, memory foam mattresses can be extremely beneficial in the increased quality of sleep.